Who We Are

True Lovers of Shakespeare

Recycled Shakespeare Company (RSC) was founded in 2013 with the mission to make good community theater accessible to all and to offer educational and experiential opportunities to the community on a minimal budget, while relying primarily on used and recycled materials, local enthusiasts, and royalty free productions.

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What We Do

Reduce. Reuse. Recite!

Recycled Shakespeare Company has been holding events and producing shows since 2014. Anyone who would like to participate may and most of our shows, aside from our fundraising events, are completely free!

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!

#EarthShakes Alliance

Recycled Shakespeare Company is a founding member of The #EarthShakes Alliance

The #EarthShakes Alliance is a global consortium of Shakespearean theatres and companies of all sizes, each of which pledges to put environmental concerns at the heart of their practices and productions.

The #EarthShakes Alliance Pledge:

  • To care for the natural and built environments in which the company works and to consult (and amplify the voices of) indigenous and/or local communities in this work
  • To reduce carbon footprints and to minimise waste (by e.g. less and greener travel; following best practice in energy consumption; etc)
  • To reuse, rework and upcycle costumes, props and scenery, and to share these – where possible – with other local and regional theatres
  • To maximise the sustainability of off- and back-stage operations (e.g. reduced and recycled printing of programmes, posters; compostable and recyclable packaging; free water refill stations; organic and locally-sourced food, etc)
  • To attempt, wherever possible, only to receive funding and sponsorship from companies that are environmentally-friendly and have e.g. divested their interests in fossil fuels – To amplify the work of local and/or international conservation organizations, e.g. by donating ad space to an organization that protects the park in which a company performs
  • To stage productions that highlight the current ecological crises and our collective responsibility to address them – To share resources and tips on a dedicated website (linked to the STA site) for fellow practitioners, activists, teachers and educators; to do likewise on social media using the #EarthShakes tag.

If you’d like to sign onto the alliance as an initial partner, email earthshakesalliance@gmail.com for a link to a brief online form. Initiated by Katie Brokaw and Paul Prescott (Shakespeare in Yosemite)

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