A Midsummer Night's Dream 2021

The Recycled Shakespeare Company returned to the stage...and the House of Pizza...and the fields of Limestone!  Our cast traveled 250 miles from one location to the next with the goal of sharing the magic of Shakespearean Theater throughout Central and Northern Maine.  Photos and videos from our performances will be available on our Facebook Page.  This show was dedicated in loving memory to Emily Rowden Fournier.  Huzzah!

Rest In Peace

Describing our Co-Founder, Executive Director, daughter, sister, wife, and friend is an insurmountable task where even the words of Shakespeare fall short. Instead, we will ascribe to Emily Rowden Fournier words from her mother, "She is love." Emily lost her life in a whitewater rafting accident saving the life of another.

"Though know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity."
-Hamlet (Act I, Scene II, Line 75)

Emily Rowden Fournier

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